Is truth and Justice fallen as the bible taught?

It is indeed as the bible taught, and is clearly noticeable in our congressional and legislative deliberations across the country.

As issues are put before our legislative bodies which is purported to be finding fact and truth in order to make good law, we find, listening to the biased questions put to expert witnesses before them, are not intended to establish truths or facts but to augment a particular agenda.

Bias questions from either party can be readily recognized by the asking of questions that only advance a particular agenda or ideology.

Honest quest for facts and truth involve seeking answers and facts from all concerns having to do with a matter, not to disavow true facts by bias questioning to favor one agenda over another.

Self-serving , biased questioning is easily detected by the Intelligent minded, as that of a defense lawyer in a court room who asks questions in cross examination that are favorable to his client.

We might say many, if not most , of our legislators seem to act as lawyers in defense of one agenda or the other, not to be depended on for truth or what is best for the country, but only to promote or defend for the cause of their electorate, very few disregard party affiliation in search for truth and advancement of country.

It is the fallacy of democracy, as lawmakers elected to represent the will of their constituents are more dedicated to them than serving country in truth; truth that was once found in the bible of a God fearing America.

To pretend otherwise is an insult to the intelligent God-fearing American. We understand now why God thought a theocracy to be the best form of government , one truth, and that of Him.

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