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                                           The Foolishness of total Freedom

If total freedom as is wrongly said to be given in the constitution of our country, was good for mankind or any country, God himself, would have permitted it and taught it as part of the governing principles of his word.

However, we find in the bible, it is the freedom of men that will bring his destruction.

The problem with total freedom of men is that he is free to choose Evil or Good and it is evident that doers of evil know no limits or bounds to their evil deeds.

They who choose evil  are free from the practice of any moral standing or standard of human decency, free to practice and pursue whatever is their pleasure without regard for God or fellowman.

It is the freedom without regard for God or man, that has corrupted this world, making it an unpleasant habitation, which God in his fatherly responsibility to his creation has promised to destroy forever all who have chosen and used their freedom for evil. (Rev. 20: 11-15)

Liberty of our constitution in the mind of our founders never intended complete unbridled freedoms that can only lead to destruction.


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