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Praying for all wishing the covid. vaccine will be able to get it and that it will be safe for you. Be mindful the best vaccination lies within us.  “That is “Our trust in God”

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

-Ralph Emerson-

Pastor Holmes. 

An Unholy Union?

Subject:  The Black Church in captivity of the Black Community

Is seen as an  Unholy Union according to Scripture

I highlight in this story, the modern misdirected mission of the black church.

Derived from given sources of the history of the black church and its beginning in the south.

In brief, the black church was the product of white evangelism of non-Christian African Slaves, permitted and encouraged to organize black churches to preach to the slaves.

The black congregations were themselves slaves and naturally sympathetic to the misery and mistreatment of fellow blacks by the white masters.

This resulted in the black church becoming meeting places to air and address the concerns of the slave community.

Along with preaching of the bible, secret deliberations where made privy to the congregations to help the cause of black suffering as much as possible.

Such was not the intent of the White Evangelists, which hoped thru the misrepresentation of the bible, which in certain verses seemed to justify slavery, that such would be taught as the will of God to placate, pacifying  the slaves in their misery.

However black preachers and leaders could not bring themselves to believe that God’s word would justify such cruelty and inhumane treatment the slaves were made to suffer.

In rebellion against white theology, The black church then becoming sympathetic  to the cause of the black community and the rebellion, etc…of the slaves, secretly supported and aided as was possible in their situation.

It was quite a while after the emancipation that black preachers felt free to teach openly  the congregations as they saw fitting, adhering  to the gospels of Christ and freedom of all men.

However  due in part to past sympathy and support of the black cause and the distaste in the heart of black preachers for pass injustice and any thought of white supremacy, the black church continued to be a supporter and advocated for the black cause.

Sadly today this traditional support of the black cause,  being expected by the black community  has found the black church and pastors often supporting unjust black causes as against the teaching of the bible as wrong  as was the teaching of their white Christian slave masters.

It is clear to preach the truth of the gospel of Christ, the black church and its pastors must break the tie of black expectations that yet today binds the black church to it’s past sympathy and support of black causes; wrongly believing it is the purpose of the black church, by many of the black community, to espouse and support any black cause, however unworthy of church participation.

It is no different than a Mother finds its time to let go, breaking the cord that ties them to a grown child.

Black men and women now are the free children of former slaves and no longer in need of the black church as a nursing mother to its every cause.

We must now free the black church to join its white counterparts to preach the truth of the gospel, standing  for the righteousness of men of every race and color, not tied to seeking after every black cause but seeking sinners in need of salvation and the welfare of all men.

It is the great commission to the churches of Christ, to go into all the world teaching all men to keep the  commandments of God. (Mat. 28:19,20) It is indeed the teaching of Christ, regardless what men may say “All lives matter”


1.    The winter storms

a.     Bourbon St. in New Orleans empty, stopped its normal festivities and  Black  History celebrations

b.    Texas without heat and electric

2.    As they seek to place blame, seems to always get it wrong, God already in his word regarding such catastrophic events, says that the buck stops here.

3.    He is not hiding out….but simply teaching he is in control of life on this planet.

4.    And it will be like this in the final days….destruction will come upon men suddenly as a whirlwind…Without warning …cities, towns, not knowing what hit it. (See. Prob. 1: 20-33)


Why applaud the awakened conscience of the nations past injustice

while at the same time applauding the nation’s refusal to recognize the evils of abortion.

How  incongruent ! 


 The Church and support of world concerns 

It is to be considered how preachers today of the gospel must take careful thought of what concerns of the world they can support.

In light of the rising assault against Christianity and the cry of the world to tear down every symbol that may be representative of past racism leaves our statues and images of Christ subject to violent destruction, some believing Jesus a Jew, was then a racist.  Not to mention our hymnals containing the famous church hymn, “Amazing Grace” that was written by John Newton, a slave-trader, will we be required to tear its page from our hymnal?

We may find ourselves in an indefensible situation if we support the destruction of all symbols of past perceived racism, unless we hold too and teach the “Forgiveness of Christ”

John Newton, repented, became forgiven and converted on his ship of slaves, composing in it’s wake, the famous “Amazing Grace”, which lyrics  have  proven to be a blessing to the church for many years; the inspiration of many to give their lives to Christ.

No, we should not tear up our hymnals, and must be careful  we do not disparage the images perhaps of repentant and forgiven men.

I do say, however,  regarding the statues of men, our bible speaks against making images of men (Ezek. 16:17) (Exod. 20:4). Honor in such manner can become an idol of worship of sorts. This danger, we learned from the Old Testament story of King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 3:1-18).

Seeing daily so many black youth in the local police report, can’t our parents do better by our youth

History Month

Black History Month, I pray we do not forget as we celebrate our Black heritage,
we do not forget our common heritage with all humanity.

Let us be
just as proud of our common humanity as we are of our black heritage.

Failure to
do so, leads to the  evils of  bigotry, disrespect, disregard, dislike, even
hatred of those considered not to be like us, today..

Let us remember
God made all nations and people of one blood, we are therefore kin to all races
and nationalities.

I believe we
would find selves, after coming to this knowledge, embarrassed to have
disavowed and maligned distance relatives.

“Proud of my place in “part” of humanity and my place in the “whole” of humanity” cvh

Thanks to
the infinite wisdom of God, realizing all would not embrace the truth and
reality of  their common humanity, has
purposed to gather all His family in

His church,
known as the Christian family consisting of all people of all nations, having
come to understand “All peoples regardless of color or race, are of one blood”,
being the “One” family of God, whose common ancestry goes back to our
fore-parents, Adam and Eve. (Gal. 3:28,29) (Acts 17:26)

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