Heaven's Judges

(1 Cor. 6:2,3)

1. The church shall be judges in this world during the Millennial Reign (Rev. 5:10)

2. To reign is to have sovereign power and authority with Christ.

3. The Saints will also Judge fallen

4. The 12 Apostles ()Jews) will judge the tribes of Israel not of the church.

5. Are you ready for this task?

6. Paul makes it clear a born again Saint should be able to judge in worldly matters between right and wrong . good and bad.

7. If not, then unable and unworthy to be heavens judges on earth or in heaven.

8. Things of this life also include politics, therefore we are responsible for our political views and choices being careful stand for what is right and true.

9. Anything contrary to God’s word is to be judged and condemned by the Saints according to his word.

10. We must judge ourselves to see if we are ready to serve as one of Heaven’s Judges.

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